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RollenspielMonster - free social media alternatives for roleplayers


Well-Known Coder
RoleplayMonster can be reached under the domain https://rollenspiel.monster and lists the OpenSource alternatives which I provide for all interested people.

The website is built with Hugo, a framework that is actually meant for blogs. I created my own theme for the website and customized it to resemble an entry page. The source code of the website is publicly available.

Here are a few answers to the most basic questions about the project:


By offering a collection of different decentralized services and tools that are an alternative to the well-known social media providers. The hurdles should be kept as low as possible. Most of these services originate from Fediverse, which can be found on Wikipedia or Digitalcourage.


This is difficult to answer because the world is not standing still and the digital world is turning a lot faster. But in general all services that you can use for roleplaying. From communication to saving websites or shortening links.


Currently the services are run on several servers which are all rented at Hetzner (Datacenter-Park Nuremberg). Besides the productive servers there is also a server at Netcup which is responsible for the backups. In addition, we do not include third party providers, advertising and the like. But by this renunciation we are also dependent on your help, more about this you can find in the section Support us.
Also the "everywhere" so popular Cloudflare is avoided by us for good reason as well as other CDN providers.


Both Hetzner and Netcup operate, according to their own statements, their servers CO2 neutral. This is of course not a data protection advantage but the environment is also an important factor if we want to offer our services for a longer time ;)


To offer a self-determined, privacy friendly and easy to use alternative to GAFAM. GAFAM's goal is to maximize their profit and that by making us spend as much time as possible on their platforms. Because the main product of them is WE, ok more precisely our data and therefore our behavior. This data about our behavior is used to manipulate us, for example, or sold so that other companies can also influence us. Customers are among others also political parties, especially before elections.
To create this privacy-friendly environment, I try to exploit all possible techniques, e.g. removing obsolete SSL protocols and ciphers. We even go so far as to disable all access logs of the web server and all other logs that might contain data about you. The only data you leave with us is the data you enter yourself.

Nothing to hide​

Often you hear in connection with data protection / privacy or (governmental) surveillance the hackneyed argument "I don't have anything to hide! This statement is not only relatively short-sighted, but also dangerous. From a historical point of view alone, it really shouldn't be necessary to constantly have to refute this statement. Anyone who hears this sentence from someone should strongly disagree with this opinion and argue why privacy is a human right.

Edward Snowden is a privacy advocate and says:
To argue that you don't need privacy because you have nothing to hide is like saying you don't need freedom of speech because you have nothing to say.
  • If you have nothing to hide, you don't need banking secrecy either
  • If you have nothing to hide, you don't need attorney-client privilege.
  • If you have nothing to hide, you don't need privacy of correspondence.
  • If you have nothing to hide, you don't need the secrecy of the ballot box
  • If you have nothing to hide, you don't need a confessional secret.
  • If you have nothing to hide, you do not need medical secrecy.
  • Who has nothing to hide, also needs no curtains