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(RUBY) I need help with my code it is not working well. someone pls help. this is due to my teacher in 3 days


New Coder
numOfHouses * 0.3
puts "There are 2 Christmas trees at this house"
duration += 0.83

what i know is that it is not supposed to be in an "if" statement

this is the code so far and i want it to give and the "puts" statement at 30% of houses. but it give me the "puts" statement at every house. the number of houses is inputed at the beginning of the rest of the code. here is the link to the full code. [URL='https://repl.it/@eaglesahota/Grinch#main.rb']Repl.it - Grinch[/URL]. pls feel free to contact me at any time at my email @[EMAIL][email protected][/EMAIL]
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