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Fun activity Say hello... in a coding language!


New Coder
<h1 id="hereismyname"></h1>

let fullname = {
        greetings: "Hello There",
        intro: "My name is",
        firstName: "Abhishek",
        middleName: "Vivek",
        lastName: "Sinha"

      let displayName = () => {
        let myname = "";

        for (let key in fullname) {
          myname += ` ${fullname[key]}`;
        document.getElementById("hereismyname").innerHTML = myname;


Active Coder
I made my own language once
v 'hello world'

It used 'v' for voice. The way it worked was by using each new line, seeing what it starts with and then seeing what that means... each "command" or function/method/etc started with a letter, or two letters, or three letters to accommodate many different things and then if it's more than 3 letters it's a variable, function, or another custom defined thing by the programmer


New Coder
    Hello CarlEOgden and Brandon

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console.log(Hello Malcolm, or in binary 01001101011000010110110001100011011011110110110001101101 or converted to decimal, 21780691359329389);


<?php echo "[B][COLOR=rgb(65, 168, 95)]Hello Everyone[/COLOR][/B]"; ?>
My website:
    Hello techbit.in