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Python Sending String from PyCharm via usb to nxt, which is programmed by Bricx CC


New Coder
Hello guys,I am new on this platform and hope for some help.

So, I am doing a school project right now and we are working with Lego Mindstorms NXT and write the program with the Bricx Command Center. I know that this is pretty old but maybe some of you have tips or ideas.
So my idea was to create the game rock paper scissors but in a way the player never wins. To do that I worked with the Mediapipe Hand gesture recognition I am running in PyCharm which works great. My webcam analyses the hand gesture. But we have also to work with the Bricx Command center which works like this: i built a lego hand and the thumb, index finger and the rest of the fingers are connected to 3 motors. With those I can make the opposite gesture to the gesture the player made. So when the programm analyses the players gesture I want it to send a string via usb to the NXT. The nxt knows the string and makes the corresponding gesture. But thats exactly my problem because I also need a program written in the Bricx Command Center which can receive the string I send from PyCharm via usb. Are there any ideas or solutions how i could do that? It would be very helpful (I am a little bit desperate to be honest). I tried many things also asking ChatGPT but as we all know this isnt often that helpful. Thank you all!

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