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Python Simple Click Click python gig

Good Morning you amazing people,

Let me start by saying, I learn by doing. I could read all of the textbooks on the planet and still not understand python until I actually do it :D, but also it must be something i want to do (Man i am hard work :D ).

This is what I'm looking to do:-

Load - https://www.facebook.com/IpreciousGB/?modal=admin_todo_tour
Click - Click the picture of the page on the comments and change it to me
* Click - Share
* Click - Share to Group
* Paste - a line of text I've put ether in the code or on a database
* Paste - a comment just below
* Click - Share

Ideally, I would want this too loop 4 times changing the line of text each time. Now im not asking anyone to do this for me (Unless you want too) but just to guide me on my path, point me in the right direction.

Many Thanks All
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