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HTML & CSS Solution for my hover "reveal" buttons on mobile?

Hi Everyone 🙂

I have a set of buttons which flip over when hovered to reveal the link. Unfortunately I didn't realise they're useless on touch devices. Ideally I would like mobile/touch the user to be able to tap the button and reveal the link (the first tap emulating the "hover" function) - i've tried for a few hours and I don't seem to be getting anywhere - is there an easier way to do this and get the behavior i'm after?

My code is below feel free to have a play!

Many thanks in advance! 😀
As you probably know, there is no hover on touch devices. My only thought would be to use javascript to rotate (run animation) when the first element is tapped (clicked). Could be as simple as swapping a class. Could scope the js with matchMedia.

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