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some o's in some d's

i been hard at work on this dag makefile...
I was wondering. Does anybody have experience with getting one of these to work?
I keep writing & trying to compile, and yet i can not seem to grasp the makefile language.

id like to understand why this doesnt work (i will include the code). Let me try and explain too.
At the top, i have there a target equaling nothing. Because i wanted it to understand
that the target is going to start, Not at the point that it ends.

Also, there was a pattern to being in the directory, and i was obviously very
... or too much, i was into the idea of staying in the directory.
i want to convert those c++ files, etc. into .o's.... i thought...
understanding the pattern and recipe - i thought i get. but obviously not,
as my abomination of 100 attempts all look like different languages.
But now its beginning to feel like i very much need help.
ill highlight what seems looks unusual compared to the other examples ive seen...
around there i got a little crazy trying to continue that ridiculousness

i cant quite find the missing piece. As a back up plan i suppose
i can just write g++.exe -Wall -g -IInclude -c "C:\Users\blahblahblah" -o blah\blah\blah.o
..... for each individual file and work it out from that perspective.
i just wanted to get some o's in some d's....
~recipe commences before first target -is the only build log info.

[CODE lang="makefile" title="makefile" highlight="12, 13, 14"]CXX = g++
CC = gcc
lib_dir = ./Libs
$(CXX) $(lib_dir)
inc += ./Include
$(CXX) $(inc)
glad += ./Source/glad.c
$(CC) $(glad)
MAIN += Source.cpp
CXX INCSRC += $(MAIN) $(glad) $(inc)
OBJSRC += $(addsuffix .c, $(INCSRC))
TARGET += gcb2.exe
OUT_DBUG += bin/Debug/$(TARGET)

.PHONY : clean
clean :
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