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Sports Ticker


New Coder
Hi there,

I am trying to develop a sports ticker to run on top of our website. I want it to pull scores from box lacrosse leagues (semi-pro). How hard would something like this be?
Do they have an API where you could get the data in some common format like JSON? If they have an API you could probably do this pretty easily depending on the language you're using, but if they don't have an API it becomes more difficult as you have to parse / extract the data from another source like their website's HTML.
Usually if they have one publicly available it would be listed somewhere on the site. But these look like smaller sites that probably don't have APIs.

However, Wordpress does have an API available that may allow you to get some data, and at least that first site is running Wordpress. If you go to this url:

That should get you a list of all of the posts on that site.

Here's an article that talks about the Wordpress API: https://kinsta.com/blog/wordpress-rest-api/

A lot won't be available since you don't actually have access to the website, but it seems like things that are available on the site publicly may also be available via the API, so maybe you can find a place where the scores / stats are stored in the data. If you can, then you can use PHP to grab the JSON and parse it out and display it on your own website.
I am very new to coding, and have minimal experience. I would like to hire somebody to be able to do this for me if possible? Is there a spot where I could request help with this. There other leagues I would like to include as well, and as leagues begin (covid has put some out for another season) we would need to add them, which we could pay for additional leagues as required.

We would like this at the top of our wix site: LacrosseLink.com

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