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Java Spring Boot Microservices - Spring Security Issue in one service throwing throwing java.lang.StackOverflowError in JUnit


Active Coder
I have a problem in running any test method in service test and controller test in one of the spring boot microservices (order service).

After I completed service and controller , I tried to write their test methods but I have a problem in there.

How can I fix it?

Here is the security config of order service?

    @EnableWebSecurity(debug = true)
    @EnableGlobalMethodSecurity(prePostEnabled = true)
    public class SecurityConfig {
        private final JwtAuthenticationEntryPoint authenticationEntryPoint;
        private final JWTAccessDeniedHandler accessDeniedHandler;
        private final JwtAuthenticationFilter jwtAuthenticationFilter;
        public AuthenticationManager authenticationManager(final AuthenticationConfiguration authenticationConfiguration) throws Exception {
            return authenticationConfiguration.getAuthenticationManager();
        public SecurityFilterChain filterChain(HttpSecurity http) throws Exception {
            return http
                    .antMatchers(HttpMethod.POST, "/order/**").hasRole("USER")
                    .antMatchers(HttpMethod.GET, "/order/**").hasRole("USER")
                    .addFilterBefore(jwtAuthenticationFilter, UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter.class)
        public WebSecurityCustomizer webSecurityCustomizer() {
            return (web)
                    -> web.ignoring().antMatchers("/authenticate/signup", "/authenticate/login", "/authenticate/refreshtoken");

Here is one of the test method of OrderServiceTest shown below

    @DisplayName("Get Order - Success Scenario")
    void test_When_Order_Success() {
        Order order = getMockOrder();
                    "http://PRODUCT-SERVICE/product/" + order.getProductId(),
                    "http://PAYMENT-SERVICE/payment/order/" + order.getId(),
        OrderResponse orderResponse = orderService.getOrderDetails(1);
        verify(orderRepository, times(1)).findById(anyLong());
        verify(restTemplate, times(1)).getForObject(
                    "http://PRODUCT-SERVICE/product/" + order.getProductId(),
        verify(restTemplate, times(1)).getForObject(
                    "http://PAYMENT-SERVICE/payment/order/" + order.getId(),
        assertEquals(order.getId(), orderResponse.getOrderId());

Here is one of the test method of OrderControllerTest shown below.

    @DisplayName("Place Order -- Success Scenario")
    @WithMockUser(username = "User", authorities = { "ROLE_USER" })
    void test_When_placeOrder_DoPayment_Success() throws Exception {

        OrderRequest orderRequest = getMockOrderRequest();
        String jwt = getJWTTokenForRoleUser();

        MvcResult mvcResult
                = mockMvc.perform(MockMvcRequestBuilders.post("/order/placeorder")
                        .header("Authorization", "Bearer " + jwt)

        String orderId = mvcResult.getResponse().getContentAsString();

        Optional<Order> order = orderRepository.findById(Long.valueOf(orderId));

        Order o = order.get();
        assertEquals(Long.parseLong(orderId), o.getId());
        assertEquals("PLACED", o.getOrderStatus());
        assertEquals(orderRequest.getTotalAmount(), o.getAmount());
        assertEquals(orderRequest.getQuantity(), o.getQuantity());

Here is the error when I run any method of service test and controller shown below.

        at java.base/java.lang.Throwable.getOurStackTrace(Throwable.java:861)
        at java.base/java.lang.Throwable.getStackTrace(Throwable.java:853)
        at ch.qos.logback.classic.spi.ThrowableProxy.<init>(ThrowableProxy.java:79)

I found this link but it didn't help me fix the issue.
I hope you can help me.

**To run the app,**

1 ) Run Service Registery (Eureka Server)

2 ) Run config server

3 ) Run zipkin and redis through these commands shown below on docker

docker run -d -p 9411:9411 openzipkin/zipkin
docker run -d --name redis -p 6379:6379 redis

4 ) Run api gateway

5 ) Run other services

Here is the repo : Link

Here is the **result of the service test** screenshot : Link

Here is the **result of the controller test** screenshot : Link

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