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Starting a Scheduling Application


New Coder

I have recently gotten motivation to create a web-based scheduling application for my friend's business. I need to have it be able to log a list of clients including their specifics (i.e. gender, name, email), and also have a scheduling feature for assistants to keep track of the clients, when they booked, and also scheduling tools (i.e. auditing the event, being allowed to add new bookings (events), being able to delete events, and also being able to sort by week, month, and day) and associate said events with indexed clients.

This, of course, I would prefer to code by myself. I am aware this requires not only a front end to make it look good, but also an extensive backend and database. I am, on the contrary, not good at any backend nor data handling languages. So, my question to all of you is: What languages should I learn in order to start my journey? Where do I even start?

I'm assuming that HTML5, CSS3, JS, Ruby, Node, and other languages would be the most common. I could most likely store data in a mongoose database, though, I'm unsure if there is a better option. Thank you all in advance!
HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT are basic to what you want to do. If you're going to use mongoose for the Database then Node.JS is your backend language and you will already know it or most of it. But you should be aware that there is FREE software to do what you are trying to do. Why reinvent the horse?
Understand that, but free software could get you running this week. You learning and then programming could take you years.
You could get your practice in and customize things to your liking while you're v and booking.
Just a thought, no reply necessary.

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