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King Coder
Has anyone here used TailwindCSS? If so, how difficult is it to learn to use? I'd love to be able to just assign a class to get the effect I want without having to mess with a bunch of CSS properties and toy around with it til I figure out the right formula... My code looks like hell and I want to find a better way to approach it...

Share thoughts/opinions/experiences please :)
I have used Tailwind myself its not that hard to use or learn and is a great to work with. The only drawback is they do charge a price for extras, though my personal preference is Bootstrap as there are more resources around the web for it.
I definitely agree to that statement. I also feel bootstrap is easier to use. I have yet to be able to get a cdn that works properly for tailwindcss and therefore still haven't used it.
For some reason or another, the @import file doesn't do what it's supposed to on my computer lol
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