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Feedback The Resources Section


Silver Coder
The Resources section on CodeForum, has largely been untouched by the community, with something new being put up on it once in a while.

To further boost usage of the Resources section, I believe we should:
  1. Encourage the community to share new resources that they've found and believe will be beneficial to others. It was sort of the reason I started this thread, but that is only for links to sites and videos, and is updated manually by me - the Resources section on the other hand, is automated, and is best served for things like icon/texture packs, tutorials, and links to massive software/language manuals. Of course, the section cannot be restricted to only those things, so encouraging the community to share what they find useful, along on other threads, is a good way to encourage participation in the Resources section.
  2. Expand what can be shared on the Resources section. So far, I believe a good thing to look into is modding. The Resources section would be a great place to allow programmers and artists to share their creations with the community. Sure, they aren't exactly "original" in the sense that they built everything from the ground up, but it's still somebody's work that can be shared with, and analysed by the community. Encouraging the whole of the CF community to get into modding would also further boost skills, knowledge, and experience, and may also lead to the beginning of new projects and teams. The only thing that must be done is what the community will define as a "mod": a change to the game's files; an entire map; several additions and removals to a game's content?(new weapons, removing bugs not fixed by the developers, etc.)
  3. Finally: promote it. The Resources section is nothing but a button lying in a menubar. Little attention is being paid to it. How we'll go about promoting it, is up for debate, but it's certain for a fact that promotion is what it needs, along with the encouragement of getting people to post new content into it.
I hope this thread helps the Resources section gain new interest. I've shared a few resources to it already, but I see much more potential in it. Feel free to debate against my proposals too - it'd be interesting to see what else you all have in mind for the section.

Thank you.
Hey @Hassapiko,

Thank you so much for the feedback!

I couldn't agree more with what you said. I actually have plans to re-vitalize the resource section. I was thinking of having tutorials, guides and scripts/software in the resource section. The forums would be used more for Q&A/discussions to help keep us organized.

I really like the idea of adding a mod category under the resource section; we would have to define what a mod means to Code Forum as you mentioned. However, I was waiting for one of my projects to finish up. The project is developing a section on the homepage that will allow coders to navigate between resources, community projects and unresolved/un-replied threads relatively quickly (the goal was to reduce the number of clicks to get to these areas).

I'm hoping this would increase content in our resource section, encourage coders to participate in community projects and finally reducing the unanswered to answered thread ratio.

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