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The Ruby Programming-Language


Deleted member 205

Hey there.

As of today, I remembered about the Programming-Language, Ruby. There is no doubt, you may have heard of it at one point. It's one of the world's most popular Languages at the moment, as it mainly powers large Websites like GitHub(Hell, it even powered Twitter at one point. Twitter ran on a Framework known as Ruby On Rails, but due to Scalability-Issues, had to switch to another Language).

As I said, I remembered about it today and all of a sudden got extremely interested in the Language. I'm not exactly sure what caused this interest in it as it was just today that happened. So, I looked into the Language on Sites like Quora, Reddit and Wikipedia, looked on it's official Website( ) and even looked at Books about the Language. Earlier, I logged back into my Codecademy Account and took the first steps about learning Ruby. And, along with my now deep-interest with the Language, I surprisingly enjoyed. When I first looked at Ruby's Syntax, I thought, "That's a horrible Language" but no. I actually seemed to enjoy it. Maybe when I learn more about it, it may or may not appeal to me. But I'd definitely like to continue studying it. I even just downloaded Ruby and decided to play about the with IRB(A Commandline-Tool that lets you play about with Ruby).

So, I'm curious to know if anybody else here knows the Language or at least a tiny bit about the Language. Is it a good Language worth learning? From what I know so far, it may actually be a good Language to learn. A lot of Companies use it and it's even used in a lot of FOSS Projects so there's some good points.
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