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JavaScript Time validation in PDF form


New Coder

I have a PDF form that has 4 times on it, OUT, OFF, ON, IN. These times are in order and always have a time greater than the last. I am trying to right a script that will validate these times so that times in the past cannot be in the past. OFF should be greater than OUT, On should be greater than OFF, and IN should be greater to ON. Also what happens when the times cross midnight I am not sure how to validate that. If an OFF time is 23:30 and an ON time is 01:00 value wise 01:00 is less than 23:30 but time wise it is greater since it is a new day.

You don't say how you get the four times. I would get the day month and year also so you can account for times during the year change over [Dec 31 to Jan 1]
Use const date = new Date(2016, 11, 17, 0, 0, 0, 0) remembering the months start at 0 and run to 11. See JavaScript Date Objects
Then let time = date.getTime(); This object will let you compare the numbers and get the lowest one.
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