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Trackball in win32 gdi

Hey, that is not a "simple program" ! There is a lot going on in the various source files. You'll need someone with ample time on their hands and willing to commit considerable time to understand all this and debug whatever part the problem could be in. And be in possession of a trackball, I guess. For these reasons, I'll have to say that I'm out. Also important, you'll need to give a much better description of the issue than just a handful of words, plus instructions to compile the code and reproduce the issue.
Thank you for the answer. I will clarify the mentioned points in order to get the still needed help. It is a trackball simulated with the mouse. The issue lies in the quaternion trackball implementation. It is not mapping correctly the calculated transformations to screen coordinates. Most of the code can be safely ignored. The 3d pipeline seems ok. The files of interest are mouse.c and plot3d.c. I look forward for any help. The code has been developed on Eclipse CDT running in a PC installed with Windows 11.
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