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Okay so I am trying to run/debug some libraries on Ubuntu. I can't get VS Code. I have code in Ruby (I can debug via "ruby name.rb"), Kotlin, Swift, and Javascript. I found some online compilers but there are limits to those and terms. I could probably just HTML page a JavaScript and debug that way.

That leaves Kotlin and Swift. Also, Ruby and Javascript could maybe use an all errors at once debugger and I may have JavaScript covered. Ruby just displays one error and exits. I would like a local testing thing that shows all errors at once. Kotlin I am just unsure how to do, I have Eclipse, Jetbrains IDEA, and Android Studio for that. That sort of just leaves how to debug Swift on Ubuntu. I installed Swift that language on Ubuntu but there is no run command I have tried yet.

I know that there is library mode for Swift. I do not yet do that. I just want like a library run with one file for syntax only. All code like that. Yes I know there is browser console for Javascript, maybe advise but that and Ruby covered. I also have Kate and am unsure how to configure language servers. I code on about anything with a text editor. Now I just need syntax tests. Any ideas? I can do online compilers as long as it stays confidential, no using like my code.

In case it helps, all things are either contained in classes or similar or are comments in these libraries. This looks promising for Kotlin:


I guess all I really need is a swift debugger. This seems possible:


Should I try these? I may need to compile Kotlin which may be good anyway. Anyway, handling and just thought I should ask. I definitely know these languages but would be careful to try like that Swift thing. Also, like my Swift library imports math functions, specifically "Darwin", so either having that or not having it and all errors displayed because I have functions from it used. X E.
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I found "swift file.swift" works excellently as a debugger with like my current install, it displays most errors, and Kotlin I can compile on command line now. For Ruby I can keep running with "ruby file.rb" and Javascript I can use in an HTML page. This works for me. X E.

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