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Unicode question


Active Coder
I have a form on my website (Wordpress site) that has a language what has special characters inside like "öäõü" (Its Estonian language) and they are displayed as question marks inside sentence "?" How could i fix this? Should i change the unicode in mysql from UTF-8 to something else? Or is there somekinda other way to fix this?
Hello Siim518!

UTF-8 should be able to represent pretty much any character you can think of. Have you set the charset of the HTML document to UTF-8?

Basically, do you have the following element in the <head> of your document?:
<meta charset="utf-8">

I just realised you said "Wordpress" website. Is the website configured in UTF-8? Are you using a custom font? Maybe it could be that the font does not contain those characters?
My website is here: https://demo.midnightanimation.ee/broneeri/ weekdays are all messed up "Esmasp�ev, Teisip�ev, Teisip�ev) and etc. I checked wp-config.php and there is this default charset at the moment "
/** Database Charset to use in creating database tables. */
define( 'DB_CHARSET', 'utf8' );" i guess its okei and here is a screenshot from MySQL db:
The custom font feature is empty, it uses some default font what name i dont know, is there any way to find out what might cause this problem?
Only place where letters "äöõü" are missing is that calendar plugin. And in that db pictures i think the plugin tables are wp_booking...


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Yes, the database picture seems to be correct also? utf8mb_unicode_ci is a better choice for those tables? I see some tables are utf8_general_ci, i guess they all good this way?
Somehow i got it fixed now, i translated the index.php and also language .po and .mo files to my language and forced it to be as i wanted and now it worked, i dont know if the other languages will match perfectly tho, but most of my clients will use Estonian languge anyways :D

There is still one place i cant find in files where to change it, mayby anyone can help me, its when you click on a day in the calendar and it shows a weekday (17 Kolmap�ev -), that one place is still bugged. I would like to know what file it is located in and code line number. Link: https://demo.midnightanimation.ee/broneeri/ i also added a screenshot and underlined it. :blush:


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