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Upload Video Page - Preventing Abuse


Bronze Coder
I have a web page with html5 <video> where a visitor can record & upload. I've created this web page in addition to a video web site (where users have to log into to upload). I thought the additional page would make it easier for people to create content. But, I'd like to get their email address along with their video, so I know how to conatct them, after the upload. But, not have to have them jump through hoops just to upload (if so, they may as well register and log in to upload). So, I'm looking for suggestions, like maybe email authentication first or something. How would I add this to the html, php or javascript? Any guidance/ideas are appreciated.
Is your video upload script tied into the video site at all, or completely independent? Is the video upload site something you control or a 3rd party app? Is it custom or a script? Without seeing the latest version of your code as well as the video upload site's code it's hard to say the best way to integrate your script into the video site.
Thanks for your reply.
The video upload script is a page under the site's domain, but doesn't require log in to use the page.
I'm not looking for "best way to integrate your script into the video site", I'm looking for ways/ideas to get the uploader's email address and some how authenticate them to help reduce possible unwanted video spam, via this standalone page.
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