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JavaScript Urgent help needed creating javascript permutation and combination function


New Coder
I really need urgent help in creating a permutation and combination function in my form. In this form users will input a 4 digit number (tablename___numbers) and there is a checkbox named “Box” (tablename___box) when user click on the checkbox it will count the total number of permutation and combination of the input numbers (tablename___numbers). for exmaple 0001 (3 same digit) = 4, 1100 (2 same digit = 6) and so on…

Form Id 25
I have tried a few coding but fail to get it running Please help to see where I have gone wrong. Thanks in advance.
var tablename___box = tablename___numbers[0];
function disableBox(thisid)
var tablename___box = jQuery.trim($(“form_25.tablename___numbers” + thisid).val());
if(no.length != 4){
$('tablename___box ’ + thisid).attr(“disabled”, true);
$('tablename___box ’ + thisid).prop(‘checked’, false);
else {
var combinationCount = checkDigit(no);
$('tablename___box ’ + thisid).val(combinationCount);
$('tablename___box ’ + thisid).attr(“disabled”, false);
function checkDigit(val)
var b = form_25.tablename___box .get(‘tablename___numbers’).getValue();
var same = 0;
var kcount = 0;
var returnData = 1;
for(var i=0; i<4; i++){
for(var j=kcount; j<4; j++){
if(val.charAt(i) == val.charAt(j)){
if(same == 4){
returnData = 1;
}else if(same == 3){
returnData = 4;
}else if(same == 2){
returnData = 6;
}else if(same == 1){
returnData = 12;
returnData = 24;
return returnData;


New Coder
user will enter any 4 digit number on the form and when he/she click on the checkbox the form will calculate the total number of permutation combination for example user enter 0001 and when they click on the checkbox the checkout will calculate the number of permutation and combination which is 4 because 3 same digit = 4 when user enetr 1234 and click the checkbox the form will respond 24