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JavaScript Using JSON for formatting?


New Coder
I was given a job assessment quiz and I think it has a JSON related question on it by mistake as my work is in C, C++, assembler, and python. But it looks interesting so I want to try to solve it. Here is what it asks and I have provided a facsimile of the tuples.

Using a JSON library (be sure to identify which library you use), write a function that will
format a message with the following schema:

Name      Value/Format

Name               string
DOB                mm/dd/yyyy
Channel data    array of 2
  Shift             enum
  Rate             float

The data should be passed to this function as a pointer to a structure.  The resulting
string is also passed as a pointer to a buffer.

I have looked at some JSON intro sites and to me it looks more like a way to store data rather than format it. Maybe there is a formatting function in one of the libraries. As a start I assume I setup the data tuples, maybe like this?
    "Name" : "Newbie"
     "DOB" : {
                   "month" : 2,
                    "day" : 6,
                  "year" : 1954

    "Channel data" :
         "Shift" : 2,
         "rate" : 75.00

         "Shift" : 1,
         "rate" : 15.00
I have no idea about schemas or library formatting functions. I am sure I can find websites about schemas but I have no clue about libraries or searching them.
So I have a few questions.

What is JSON, where do I find the libraries and search them?
Is there a schema lib?

Can the libraries be used with C or C++?

If you can answer any of my questions or offer some advice it would be much appreciated.

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