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Verification badge for people who have a high degree in a particular language?


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Hello Coders,

Came across this add-on https://xenforo.com/community/resources/xp-verification-badge.7285/ and was thinking that we could use to help mark those members who are experienced programmers/coders. A verification process will work by a member submitting a request with proof of certifications/creations etc and if approved an icon will appear by your name. We could also do it where we have designated members as tutors.

Anyone got any ideas on how we could use this?
Sounds like a great idea that is similar to my Suggestion of User-Ranks. Makes things a lot more simpler.

But for Usage then here's a List:
  • People who Open-Source Projects under CF
  • People who have provided more than 20 good Code Examples
  • People who've written 10 good and well written Tutorials
  • Staff Members
  • People who have a good Reputation
Those are just some Ideas for what they could be used for.

But I do like the Idea and it could work out pretty well if managed right.
I like the sound of that and it would be something that I would definitely apply for. How do we go about applying to be verified?
It's quite hard to determine, but it would be interesting to give it to people who have a certain degree of programming experience. So you would see which statements are "higher quality".
Errm I’ll try to find the correct link for you.
I would like to see a requirement that involves coding challenges.
I think we should roll out this type of badge gradually, language by language. To earn it, you not only have to participate in the challenge (winning not required), you also have to participate in the section & share at least one tutorial. I think the badge should be awarded manually, but involving yourself in a contest should be an absolute minimum requirement to encourage challenges.
But that would exclude all those who have good knowledge but don't have time for such "games".
But that would exclude all those who have good knowledge but don't have time for such "games".
It's my opinion that the badge / verification should be earned by showing the expertise, not just claiming it. Perhaps you're right though, there needs to be other standards to comply with other than a contest for those with less time. I do think that spending time to contribute to CF should be the minimum requirement though...
I totally agree. Only it should be a way that everyone can use.
So, I think we should have clear standards for them. For example, we should require that they answer or attempt to answer related questions on the forum, possibly also share tutorials, and maybe even pass a verified online coding test for the language. In the future, perhaps each badge can have different levels like bronze silver gold based on complexity of threads/replies, score(s) on coding test(s), etc

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