"Vimeo as Host for my Websites Loading Screen" Lag...!


New Coder
Jan 13, 2020
So on my website a have a video as a loading screen (a sort of "pre-enter site thing"). Vimeo is the host of that video. The problem that I am getting is when you press play, when it prepares to load the video, you will see a frame of the video, a frame maybe 6 seconds into the video, and then the video plays.
Is there any code/html that will help me hide that loading frame?
Maybe there is a code/html/plugin that could load the video super fast (prioritizing the video) so that it wouldn't have to load for like a second or so?
To conclude, the goal is to have the video running smoothly, without that annoying frame.

I have contacted Vimeo for help, but they have taken a while to answer, so that's why I'm trying here.

Thanks beforehand ;)