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JavaScript vscode console


Well-Known Coder
Hi 🙂

i am taking a course and the instructor is using VS Code

see below on the left

please note the right side "JavaSCript Fundemantals- Part 1" and below it runs the code

i want to output my JS like that... what i code on the left displays to the right

how can i do that?

i hope i am clear 🙂

thank you

What's in the image is just two separate windows side-by-side. You can drag VSCode to the left of your screen, and your browser to the right, and open the console in the browser.
Thanks, Johna!


ok! i made it this far!

is this what you mean?

can i write my code in VSCode and have it appear in the browser? i am new at this, please be patient 🙂

my above screen shat has a diferent looking broswer and there it runs my VSCode code

help, please
@Pavel, install the extension "Live Server" into VScode. Link it to your browser [you can assign it to a hot key]
Now every change you make in VScode will automatically show up in the browser.

Here's another hint: When VScode is open and has focus Hold the window key and hit the right or left arrow. This will move the editor in that direction and resize to half the screen's width, It will also show all the windows you have open - clicking on the browser will make that the other half of your screen and put the other to sleep.

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