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WebWareBox Is Now Open-Source And Now Is Now Under CodeForum.org!



Hey there everyone. I'm @Code_Block, and have I got News for you!

So over the past couple of weeks, I have been trying to get an Owner for my Defunct-Site, WebWareBox. Earlier, @Malcolm, gave the Idea of making the Project Open-Source. Now, I thought of the possibility of making the Project, Open-Source but I was more focused on just giving it somebody. But since @Malcolm, gave the Idea for making it Open-Source, that's what I've decided on. He also said that I can put the Site under CodeForum.org, in which, I chose to put it under CodeForum.org. Since it's now under this Site, it should mean that we as a Community can work together on the Project more easily.

Now as for the Lead-Developer/Maintainer, that Position would belong to me. Since it was my Idea for the Site, it would make a lot more sense for it to belong to me. I've decided that in case I happen to leave the Project, stay away from it for some time due to Personal-Issues or will need help with directing the Project, @Malcolm, is the Co-Maintainer.

Now as for WebWareBox itself, you're probably wondering what it is. Well, WebWareBox is a Software-Distribution Site in which of course, you Distribute your Software. You're Program will go through a Submission-Process and after that Process, it will either be denied or accepted onto the Site. Now before, I would've had to manually review every Program all by myself, on my main and only Computer(Which to think about it, would be quite risky). Since the Project is now Open-Source, it means that we should now have some Server-Side Programmers who can contribute to some parts of the Project, including the Submission-Process.

I'm quite excited to see how the Project will turn out seeing as it's now Open-Source. I'm also excited to see what Code you will contribute to it. I should also mention that due to my switch to Linux, trying to optimise the Site for two Browsers one time and the fact that the Site has an incredibly out-dated Design, we'll most likely have to start-from-scratch. If we do, I hope you can all contribute to it. That would be really appreciated.

Thank you for reading.

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I should also mention that over the next few Days, I will be setting-up the Project, what could be added to it, what sort of Work needs to be done and just setting-up the Files.

Do check out the Repository on the CodeForum.org Github Page each day to check it out.
Hey everybody.

I've finished setting-up all of the Source-Folders, added some Icons, added the Stylesheet(.css File) and created the Task-Board/Project-Board for WebWareBox. Right now, I don't want anybody contributing to the Project yet(Except for @Malcolm seeing as he's the Co-Maintainer). The Reason for this is because I haven't finished Developing the index.html File. So please, in the meantime, feel free to checkout the GitHub Page but please, do not touch anything at the moment.

I will create a Thread soon announcing you to come and start Contributing. But not now. That will be in a day or two.

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