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Hey everyone.

Now that I've Retired/Resigned as Lead-Developer/Maintainer of the WebWareBox Project, I'm now looking for a new Lead-Developer/Maintainer who can continue my work. This Developer will need to be willing to work on the Project often and has the Skills needed to handle such a big Project.

The Skills required are:
  • HTML/HTML5(Preferably 1-2 Years of Experience)
  • CSS/CSS3(Preferably 1-2 years of Experience)
  • PHP(Preferably 2-4 Years of Experience)
  • *SQL(Preferably 2-4 Years of Experience)
  • FOSS Development(At least 1 Year required)
  • Git/GitHub(At least 5 Months - 1 Year required)

Note: I will accept anyone who isn't in these Ranges but you must show me your Work. Even if you do fall in the Range.

This new Lead-Developer must be willing to:
  • Help lead the Project through every Release
  • To Contribute their own Code and Documentation
  • To help fix Issues with the Project
  • Communicate with other Contributors and help any Users of the Software

If you happen to fall under any of these or are close to these then please do PM me. Remember to include your Work, how much Experience you have and what Projects you have Contributed to.

Note: I will stop accepting Applications on September 7th. So get them in soon.
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