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WebWareBox Re-Write Is Done



Hey there everyone.

As of today, I now declare the WebWareBox Re-Write as complete. Now you're probably wondering why this Re-Write occurred in the first place. Well, the Re-Write was for the following Reasons:
  • To Re-Structure the Directories
  • Focus on the Design and Layout
  • Convert everything from HTML to PHP
  • To help convert WebWareBox from an Open-Source Website to Free and Open-Source Software
  • Re-Write some of the existing Documentation and add new Resources that can benefit new Contributors
Those were the Reasons for starting this Re-Write. And it's went smoothly.

Now that we're done with the Re-Write, here is what we're going to focus on now:

  • Testing the Software on major Browsers(Google Chrome/Chromium[I have had thoughts of scrapping Testing for Chrome], Opera, Mozilla Firefox etc.)
  • Implementing Features
  • Creating ways of making the Software secure
  • Improving any parts of the Design and Layout
  • Add extra stuff(E.g. Icons, more Resources for new Contributors)
And that's what we're going to focus on now that we're done with the Re-Write. All of that, leading up to the Release of Version 1.0.0(Whenever that will be). Along the way, we may also tease some Screenshots of the Software so keep an eye out for those (^_^)

And as always, you're free to Contribute to the Project whenever. Either it be to add something, improve something or fix something, we welcome you to do any of that.

Yours sincerely, Dan-Kode. Lead-Developer/Maintainer of the WebWareBox Project.

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