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Welcome to Candyland!


New Coder
Hello everyone! I'm Mushmellow, been around here for awhile now but never engaged. I'm a hobbyist coder and a game programmer (Unity). I'm currently working for a small cyber security company (Nothing big).

I have released:
  • Cabin VPN - It's a VPN I have released on Google Playstore but I haven't done any marketing on it since it was basically a side project and don't have plans on updating it anymore.
I'm currently working on:
  • Medieval Text Based MMORPG - This is something I'm currently working on as I always wanted to make these types of game. So basically this is a project that started out of curiosity.
  • 2D Survival Game (Unity) - We're working on a 2D survival game that we're planning to launch mid 2021. It'll have a zombie theme.
Well that's a little about me. Glad to be here!


New Coder
Hello Mushmellow :)

So, blender? Great, I like blending fruit :)

But keep an eye on security issues, seriously. Nobody proved that P != NP.
I love blending stuff too, maybe you should share some recipes with me :D
You made me lol haven't heard that in quite awhile.

Hello @Mushmellow!

Welcome to Code Forum! How long have you been working with Unity?
Hello! Thanks for the welcoming!

For a bit less then a year. I created a simple 2d platformer just to do some testing/learning but now I'm working on a 2d survival game. I'm also working on a text based medieval game written in Php. You worked with Unity before?
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