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Python What are some interesting physics-related topics for an 11th grade Python presentation?


New Coder
Hi there,
I have a presentation to make for my physics class (11th grade). My teacher told me I can choose any topic but with two main conditions :

  1. The topic must have a link with physics
  2. I need to make a Python program linked to it
Therefore my problem is : I have no idea about what topic should i choose... Do you guys have any ideas? (Please note that i'm in eleventh grade and not an engineer lol) Hope you can help me, Have a nice day!
I don't think a programming forum is the right place to ask about choosing a physics topic....
Someone here could probably help with your Python program. Not write it for you of course, but help if you get stuck on something.
I agree with @cbreemer - there are physics forums that often have programming sections, so you may have better luck there.

This is difficult to do as well, since we don't know what exactly you've covered in your physics curriculum at the 11th grade and so we can't exactly help picking a topic to program for; we need something that's also level appropriate and not way beyond your means. You would also most likely need to pick out libraries to work with, since trying to code say, an engine for processing motion, from scratch would be immensely difficult and would take longer than the time you have - if you wanted to work on dynamics, I would recommend having a quick look at game engines(Unity, Unreal, Godot, etc.) and see if you can find anything on how their physics engines work(don't spend too long obviously, just find enough that you have a basic idea of what to do).

For anything else though, it's difficult to help. Best of luck, @Louis2675! :)

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