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What do you recommend to connect to your website storage space?


New Coder

I am terribly, painfully new to website-building, but I'm learning. I know the basics of HTML and CSS, now I want to start building my website.

But I am doubting what is the best way to connect to my storage space (I am hosted at OVH) - the OVH FTP Explorer or Filezilla. Anyone has some remarks or experiences around this?

Also, wondering about the workflow - do I just create my website files using Atom and then finally upload everything onto my storage space? Is there a way to preview before?

I hope someone has the time and will to answer these greener-than-green questions. Thanks!


Active Coder
Staff Team
Hello Pien,

I personnaly use Filezilla, but I do not think the FTP program used really matters.

It depends on how the Web server is configured, but I guess the 'root' of you storage space is the 'root' of your website, so if the file 'page.html' is located at the root of your storage space, you should be able to access it with the URL: 'website.com/page.html'.

In theory, the page should look the same no matter if you load it from your disk or from your server.


Hi there Pien,

I also use Filezilla, and to agree with LTomy, the FTP application you use doesn't really matter. All FTP programs usually require you to enter the host/ip address, the username and password, and the port to connect to, which is usually port 21. Now in regard to how to preview your site before hosting it.. you can view them locally... just open the .html file on a browser. Your machine acts like a host itself, aka the nickname (localhost). Once you start working with a programming language, such as C#, python, PHP to create your sites, you are still able to preview them via your browser, but you would need the help of the IDE (editor) for that language and/or a local server such as apache, IIS...