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What Game-Engines Have You Worked With?



Just out of curiosity, what Game-Engines have you worked with before.

For me, I've worked with both ROBLOX Studio and Unity3D.

I do have a good amount of experience in ROBLOX Studio but I don't use it anymore as I've quit ROBLOX.

As for Unity3D, I also have a good amount of time experience with that too. It's been about a month since I last used Unity3D. I mean, I'm not really into Game-Development anymore.

What about you?

Deleted member 65

I have heard of unity, game maker studio, and unreal engine.


New Coder
Aug 6, 2019
A long long time ago I used Game Maker for fun. I then learned to code, and picked up Unity3D in 2014.
Tried to get into Unreal Engine, but didn't have time LOL.
Looking forward to getting into it.
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