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What is a custom 404 Error?


Well-Known Coder
Can you tell me what is a custom 404 Error? and how to create it for my website? unluckily, I deleted some file 404s.html in my public_html and now I don't know how to create and tell my website call it when a web page is error or not found. Any guide?


Staff Team
A 404 Error is when you are visiting a webpage, and the page you visited is non-existent. It will show up as a white page with black font and with nothing else. However, with a custom 404 Error page, you can edit the page to make it look more appealing by adding a logo, perhaps add some cute dog holding a magnifying glass saying oops, couldn't find what you were looking for.

You can create an HTML document and upload it to your server where then you'll have to edit your .htaccess file by adding
ErrorDocument 404 http://www.yourdomain.com/your404page.html