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What is everyone working on?

Hello @James,

I have moved the thread to a better-suited location in 'General Discussion'! I'm currently learning Web development on Code Academy, to be more specific the command line and how to navigate through directories etc.

How's the bot coming?
Currently, I'm continuing to learn C and Python. It's really great. I just recently bought the the Book, The C Programming Language 2nd Edition that was written by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie. Two, very famous Computer-Scientists. As for Python, I'm currently just re-iterating over what I learned from the Python Crash Course Book by Eric Matthes.

I'm also continuing to expand my Organization, Oxygen/Oxygen-Software.
Great question...
Currently, I am working on the following (All work related):
-> Fairly large website in 3+ languages for a health nutrition site that sells products
-> Live auction real estate / property website, allowing properties all over the US to be bid on / sold 100% online
-> A website for a Sweet 16 business in NYC that allows vendors to list their services & people to plan their events w/ budgeting, etc tools
-> A website for a construction company in Maine
-> A website & business management services for a Chimney & Locksmith company in Texas
-> A natural health products site operating out of Oregon
-> A website & tenant/landlord digital portal for a landlord in San Diego with 3 properties
-> A digital business card / domain registrar / hosting company based in Arkansas
-> A daycare website / parent-teacher-administrator digital portal for a community center in CT
-> A few other projects that are smaller / just monthly SEO, marketing, etc

Of course, I am not 100% involved or doing every project alone. I am the COO at our company, so my involvement in each varies week to week, but I have to work on web pages, email/call clients, and help with related tasks. It's been a very busy last couple months because we picked up 5 of these clients in the last 60 days or so with the rest being from the last 1-2 years ongoing
Damn, you're one busy person, I must say.
Yeah, well work consumes my life other than my time with my girlfriend, family, and friends.
But obviously I chime in here too 🙂

Luckily the workload shifts week to week! So, I hardly ever work on every single site every day, or every week, but I am involved enough to know what's going on, jump in when needed or when I want to, and discuss the projects with the teams & clients. For example, today my development tasks:

  • ability to remove photos from the upload list (before they are actually uploaded) on the following sweet 16 dashboard pages:
    • Edit Event page
    • create Event page
    • Edit Vendor page
    • create Vendor page
  • add 20 new Vendor categories to the sweet 16 site
  • modify the search bar on the sweet 16 site
  • modify the make an offer feature on the property auction site
  • fix a bug related to the offers on property auction site
And then in between it's just phone calls & conferences.
Cool stuff. I'm also doing a bunch of other stuff but Oxygen is still what I focus on.
Currently working on my Server to maintain my Free Website cPanel Hosting. And yes it is real cPanel. But that's all. And doing some coding for a future VR library where when you click a book. it comes to life in VR
So my current projects are
AnzahCraft -> a german role playing community
AnzahTools -> a XenForo add-on forge
Rollenspiel.Monster -> there will be a website where role-players can arrange to meet for player rounds
Rollenspiel.Wiki -> a Wiki around the topic roleplaying game
Rollenspiel.Social -> a mastodon instance around the theme of role-playing
(Yes it's a lot about roleplaying 😛)
and various small things you need for administration:
Poll, Searx, PasteBin, Nextcloud ...

In spite of everything, data protection is a very important aspect for me, the Poll site has even made it onto the Digitalcourage list 😉
My Current project is https://studioshostingplatform.xyz/whmcs
Currently working on real cPanel Free Unlimited Web Hosting.
Maintaining Expensive 150PB Servers making sure everything is fast for customers.
I literally just attach extra storage to my Dedicated server so I don't always have to get a new Dedicated
The Average Load time is 13 Seconds on Heavy Websites
light websites is around 1-5 Seconds
Over the past couple of days, I've been bored, so I decided to make a Generator-Program.

I originally planned to write it in C but since I'm still learning the Language and that this Program will involve the use of Random() Functions(I don't know how to do Randoms in C), I instead switched to Java. But, as with C, I dropped Java in favour of a Scripting-Language. Lua.

I already knew a couple of things about Lua such as Input and Printing but that was it. This Project actually helped me learn Tables and Functions and Lua-Modules. And I in fact enjoyed working on it. Again, it only took me a couple of days and it was relatively simple to program.

I've made it Free and Open-Source Software, it's available on GitHub, Licensed under the BSD 3-Clause Clear License and has Documentation available for the User. Of course, the Source-Code is included when you download it.

The Repository is here: https://www.github.com/Crow-404/Generator-Stuff
Currently working with, @williamdev, on GitHub at the moment. He decided to pick-up my old Project, WebWareBox and as a result, development on it has officially restarted yet this time, it's him who's leading the development. I'm just a Co-Maintainer.

He's decided to re-write in Python and use the Flask Framework. I think it's great because I know absolutely nothing about PHP yet, I also know very little about Python and I do actually hate the Language. But even then, I'm still willing to help him get everything off the ground. So far, I've got the basics which is the Pages(Still got some left to create), Flask is all set-up and I've also made Flask be able to re-direct between Pages.

That's all. @williamdev is just currently learning HTML, CSS, JS and Flask which may take a while but I'm hoping he can join in while he's learning all of them at the same time.

I don't have any of my own Projects at the moment. I mean, I stopped doing business as Oxygen-Software and gave WebWareBox to @williamdev. But, I'm currently continuing to learn Java and I see myself starting a Project using the Language after I learn Classes, Methods, Packages and maybe even JARs(I learned all of these, except JARs in another Java Book that I own but I've forgotten nearly everything and didn't understand it. Hopefully I'll understand it all this time). It'll probably be a text-adventure but maybe it'll be something different.
Trying to learn Unity and Blender (4 odd weeks in)

Developing a Cyberpunk blade-runner style game using 2D pixel elements in a 3D world.

Will have a similar feel to The Last Night:

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In terms of languages, I am currently learning Java at university. I believe we are going to be getting into Javascript soon as well which should be a lot of fun. In terms of projects, I'm working on two WordPress sites (mainly setup and management) for my Dad.
I've just started development on a HTML/CSS-only wiki project. It's designed to be light-weight and can easily be set-up on any site. There is no PHP, Ruby, Java or Python and I want to keep the amount of JavaScript minuscule to avoid security-issues and to make it easily accessible to people who block JavaScript.

I also want to make it easily customizable so that involves trying to not do to much CSS so that the rest of the customizing can be done by the person who applies the wiki to their site.

I'm just doing it for fun. Nothing special.

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