What is everyone working on?


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I know this isn't the right thread for it, but might anybody know of any good games or projects which can easily be modded? If it's a game, I'm not too bothered if by 'mod' it's a map or a full-blown gameplay-changing mod; if it's a regular project, what sort of modding can you do for it? I don't want something that's ridiculously easy to mod, I would prefer a bit of a challenge with it.

I'm asking since the holidays are coming up and it'd be nice to have something to occupy my free time with like I done last year with the two Ludum Dare games by the Minecraft creator which I found. It'd be preferable if the project/game is free/open-source.



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I've seen a few times now online when looking for programming projects to build a library management system. Considering I'm very much a bookworm, I decided today that I'll give it a shot: it'll be able to add, remove, and list all of the books in my library. When I go to add a book listing, I can tell the program the book's name and author, how many pages/chapters it has, and when the book was published.

When I get something decent working, I'll share it here!


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I really like the phrasing of the thread, leaves open more possibilities than the one's about "money" or "career". It kinda opens up problems to think in those terms anyways...

Still learning, I've been working learning bash stuff over the past year, and now I'm working on C. Right now, I'm just trying figure out how much statistically the rand(); skews the the numbers it generates when seeded with time in seconds. The first step is just to collect a million seconds in a text file, it only takes longer than over ten days, a million is a lot smaller than billion in terms of human life span...