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Read Me What is HTML?


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What is HTML?

HTML is an abbreviation for Hypertext-Markup Language and is used to create the structure of a website. In other words, it’s considered the skeleton.
A webpage is made up of many different types of tags that are used to structure a webpage.

Exercise: “Go to any webpage, then right click > View page source. You’ll be met with many different tags that make up that webpage.”
HTML documents use the file extension .html and .htm. Every HTML document is started with the <html> and must end with it’s closing tag </html> (most websites use HTML5 now; to use HTML5 <!DOCTYPE html> tag is added at the top of the document before <html> tag). Within the <html> tag we have two more tags that are required. You’ve got <head></head> and then <body></body>, the <head> tag will consist of your site information such as it’s title and meta details, it is also used to link other documents. Following after <head> tag, we have the <body> tag; the body tag is everything that you see on a webpage; e.g. this will include anything visual, text, images etc. You need a body tag to display content to your webpage.

HTML works with other coding and programming languages as well, some of which you may have heard about – CSS, Cascading Styling Sheet, JavaScript.

Edit: Remember think of HTML like the building blocks of a website. Most HTML elements are displayed as blocks or boxes.
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HTML and CSS are the first languages that I learned to build a website. I think it is very useful for a newbie to start with world wide web. I am wondering are there any advanced techniques of HTML in web design?


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HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is a markup language to give structure to the content in web documents.

Like your software are generally .exe files, the text is .txt, likewise, nearly all of the content we see on the internet is stored as HTML files. HTML is the basic coding format of the web. It is a simple but powerful language to show all kinds of content on the web.

Whatever you write in an HTML file is rendered as it is in the browser.

Since the early days of the web, there have been many versions of HTML, the current version is HTML5.
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HTML HyperText Markup Language is used to create Web pages and tells the browser how to display them. It designs the basic layout and formatting of Web pages.HTML is made up of elements or tags and attributes which work together to identify document parts and tell the browser how to display them.


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HTLM full form is a Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is the code that is used to create a web page and it's content. This markup tells a web browser how to design images, text and other forms of multimedia on a webpage. HTML is the update version.