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HTML What is this "icon=" code?


New Coder
I am NOT a coder, just a minimal hacker. I tried to reduce the size of my bookmark list to transfer to my phone and found something I didn't understand.

In each link section the name, link, title, date, etc. are there. There is, also, a favicon link. then there is a code for "icon=. . ." that is unbelievable! It's not required at all. I've been deleting them with no problem. The question is "WHAT IS IT?".

A few (very few) are only about 3 to 5 screen lines long while others are several pages long. It seems to hold a LOT more data than a simple graphic code to paint the icon. I wonder if it's something to do with permissions, site cookies, or extended and invisible marketing or spying (Oh, heaven forbid!).

Take a look at your own bookmark file with any code editor (I use Dreamweaver and Notepad+) and please explain what's hidden there.

Thank you in advance.
With "the bookmark file", do you mean the bookmark file of your browser ? If so, which browser ? Details matter.
I use the updated version of Firefox. I save the emails to an bookmarks.html file. That file is what I'm referring to. Each link has the basic information, but some include ICON UCI= and ICON=. I can delete both and it makes no difference to their use as links or reimport to Firefox.
If there's no data in these tags, then it stands to reason you can delete them without any effect. But then it's strange that they should be there in the first place. I did not see this stuff in my Chrome bookmarks file. Perhaps a Firefox user here can shed some light ?

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