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What Version Of Windows Are You Using?



So as the Title says, what Version of Microsoft Windows are you running?

I'm currently running Windows 10 1903


I’m running Windows Pro, I don’t have the version number as well. what Do you think of the new features in windows ?
I'm guessing by New Features, you mean the new ones in 1903?

Well, I haven't payed attention to any other Features in this Update except the new Search(The SearchBar on the Taskbar) and the Light-Theme. I actually love the Light-Theme but I do think that the Colours need some tweaking.
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Mar 30, 2020
I forgot I made this post on an older account.

I have used both Windows 7 and Windows 10 in the past. Now of course, I do still use Windows if I go into any public space such as a library. And I still have to deal with it whenever I get a new computer(Which I don't see myself doing for like six years or so). I currently use GNU/Linux Mint right now, so I definitely won't be touching a PC belonging to me for a good while. I did actually go back to Windows after switching to Ubuntu. My sound driver actually broke when I did and I ended up getting it fixed(I have no clue on how to work with drivers). Not long afterwards, I made the switch to GNU/Linux Mint.

But yeah, I do still use Windows, but that's only on computers that don't belong to me.

Master Yoda said:
I’m excited for the new windows version!
But funnily enough, I do actually get a sense of excitement to see what Microsoft is doing for the next Windows version. I don''t know why as the updates never apply to me. Perhaps it's because I did actually somewhat like using Windows on my PC, but of course, it had issues that make me like GNU/Linux over it. Either way, again, I do still get somewhat excited for the next Windows update, and I also enjoy reading the update reports from sites like Windows Central.