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Which of these projects are easier in order?


Legendary Coder
CS Notes selling site for my country.
blog website
Meme templates website
Movies like "movie_name" recommender
Reminder in calendar.
Video watched percentage calculator from a playlist. Like in udemy.
Another blog where anyone can create an account and post.
Locally hosted book search engine for pdf files. Like google books.
Random Nepali name generator website

I've never made anything, not even tic tac toe in my life. Which of these projects are in increasing order of difficulty? The easiest is number 1.
How easy these projects are to do are subjective to your current experience level - an experienced programmer would find most of these easy, whilst somebody like myself with less experience would rank more of them difficult.

In my opinion:
  • Blog website
  • Calendar reminders
  • Name generator website
  • Meme templates website(I'd say this is the same as name generator website)
  • Video watched percentage calculator
  • Blog with comments and account systems
  • CS notes selling site
  • Book search engine for PDFs(I rank this as the most difficult since search engines have extremely complicated algorithms behind them that search through documents)

If you haven't made anything - which if you've written example programs and very basic ones like 'Hello world!' then that is a lie - then don't jump straight into the deep end and start planning overly complex projects. Start with blogs(accounts or no accounts systems), generators, calculators, games like tic tac toe and text-adventures, and build your way up from these.
Hello this is Gulshan Negi
Well, in my opinion, It's important to start with projects that are within your current skill set and work your way up to more difficult ones as you gain experience and confidence.
1. Random Nepali Name Generator Website
2. Blog Website
3. Meme Templates Website
4. Movies Like "Movie_Name" Recommender
5. CS Notes Selling Site for My Country
6. Reminder in Calendar
7. Video Watched Percentage Calculator from a Playlist
8. Another Blog Where Anyone Can Create an Account and Post
9. Locally Hosted Book Search Engine for PDF Files


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