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Who can code Instagram bot?

I'm new here with very minimal experience in coding however I am a very well endowed online marketer and salesman. I have ran many E-Commerce sites and projects alike. I have took on a new project and would need someone experienced to collaborate with myself and hopefully build a long lasting relationship I will always have work and projects available all very well paid ofcourse.
If you want to create an Instagram bot, you should know that you need to be an expert in programming because creating a bot is not easy and requires a lot of time, energy, and dedication. I learned how to repost on Instagram to get to the person who can program a bot. You should know that Instagram bots are very useful, even though you may have heard of them before. These bad reviews about bots are given by people who have had bad experiences with some useless bots on Instagram or didn't even use them and just spread the word to others.
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