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Why my php app under docker failed Google verification?

I changed my job and in my working browser google-chrome 114.0.5735.90-1 (under home kubuntu 20.04) set up a google account
(I connect to many external apps/services through it)

And launching the application url (this is the hosting of the application launched under docker/php/apache2)
I get an error
Access blocked: App "myapp name app" failed Google verification

[email protected]
The app "myapp name app" has not been verified by Google yet. Until the process is completed, the application is only available to testers approved by the developer.
If you think you should have access to it, please contact the developer.
If you are the developer of the "myapp name app" application, please see the details of the error.
Error 403: access_denied

Can you tell me what is this error and how to fit it?

I guess I can sign out of my google account - but I wouldn't want to
How can I remove this protection - I do not need it.
I didn't really understand where it came from - in my opinion after I installed and set up a new google account ...

Can it be controlled by some account console or by external plugins?

Not sure is it valid forum, but where can I ask this question ?

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