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window.print() loses the image

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Deleted member 2829

I have a strange issue with Chrome.

When I create a window with html that contains an image, the image is displayed ok. But then if I do window.print() the image disappears from the new window, and consequently is not printed. Note, this only happens when my CacheKiller extension is active. Of course I don't normally have Cache Killer running, so it's not much of a problem, but I'd like to understand this. My complete code :

const inner=`<html>
             <div style='border:3px blue solid;width:300px' >
             <img src='edward.jpg' style='width:100%'>
             <div style='font-size:32px;color:red;'>Nice !!</div>

function test(print)
    var w = window.open("", "Print", "width=800,height=800");
    if (print)
<body     onload="divleft.innerHTML = inner;">
<div      id="divleft"        ></div><br>
<button   onclick="test(false)"  >Test</button>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
<button   onclick="test(true)"   >Test with print</button>

The used image is attached. I guess what I need is a way to tell the window, or its document, to (re)load external content like images, as it's evidently not doing it by itself. But I can't find anything to that effect. Any ideas much appreciated.


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