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Windows 11


My mother has upgraded her pc to windows 11 and she hated it. most of the complaints I had was that she had to get used to the new layout of things. and she finds stuff harder to find on windows 11


I upgraded there are things I like and things I hate. The context menu was hate right away. Today I edited the register and got the old one back. I find it far more functional for me. I find this op sys a lot easier to change to my way of doing things than the old ones.


Staff Team
Has anyone upgraded to windows 11 yet? Im a little skeptical to do the change.
If you have, what are your thoughts?
If you haven't, do you plan to?
I have. I was skeptical at first because originally my computer didn't meet the requirements. But found a resource somewhere on Google (I'll try to find it) where it gave me instructions on how to disable the requirement check. So far I'm liking it, no major complaints - besides random bugs which seem to be fixed now.


I went through with the download... I haven't figured out how to add my own apps to the taskbar yet but I'll figure that out soon. Other than that, I heard it was supposed to improve gaming experience? Not sure how though. I played some Skyrim a bit ago to test the theory, I personally didn't notice a difference.