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Woods - A Text-Adventure, Survival-Game


Mar 30, 2020
Introduction - About Woods
To introduce you to it, Woods is a text-adventure, survival-game, written entirely in the Lua scripting-language. The game is played in the player's terminal-screen and so you'll have to type to actually do stuff. The game is licensed under the GNU GPLv3, so you are free to do whatever you want with it, whether it be: modifying it, extending it, or even distributing those changes that you made.

The goal of Woods is the same as any other survival-game: survive for as long as possible. Although, I plan for the game to become increasingly difficult for the player to survive in.

I have been working on the game since around Wednesday, but have gotten a lot of work done since. Version 0.1.0 Alpha, should be released soon, although there are still somethings that need to be finished and fixed before release.

What's currently in the game so far:
  • Basic actions including sleeping, eating, and drinking.
  • Checking the date, season, and temperature. You can also check your stats too.
  • Basic seasons - As of writing, seasons do not have any impact on the gameplay, although this will change in the future. Another thing to note is that I may be keeping them from being in the V0.1.0 Alpha release, and holding them off until a future release - Mainly to just work on the feature more.
  • Death - When I originally wrote this, it was broken. But, I have managed to fix it now and so it is now possible to die.
  • Day counter - Counts and displays the current in-game day.
  • A bare-bones inventory-system - You can only gather resources at the moment and look at what's in your inventory. Although I will be working on this so that you can actually craft tools and other things out of your resources.

What I've listed above, is what I've managed to get in ever since I began development a few days ago. As stated with some of the features and mechanics listed, seasons may not be in the first Alpha release. Death, as I stated, has been fixed after I posted this, and there will be a bare-bones inventory-system in the first release(When I originally wrote this, I was still considering whether to do the inventory-system but immediately went to work on it straight away). There currently is no feature that allows you to save your game, although I doubt such a feature will be available in Alpha. Expect the ability to save your game to be in-development around the Beta stages.

All development of the game is being hosted on GitHub, here: https://www.github.com/BorkedCoder/Woods

Please note however, that you need to at least have Lua 5.3.5 to help with development(If you're going to be working on the code that is). Please do not use any older version of Lua, as this may cause incompatibilities. Lua is also needed to run the game too, as I haven't found a solution to build an executable file around the game.

The game has also so far, only been tested on a GNU/Linux system. I cannot confirm if it will run on either Windows or OS X, but due to the portable nature of Lua, it more than likely should run fine on those operating-systems too.

Another thing to note is that you'll need to sign and verify your commits if you're committing a piece of code. A GPG key is needed for this. GitHub's documentation pages has information on how to create a key, assign it to your account, and on how to assign it to Git.

If you're looking to contribute, then that's great. I welcome all contributions.

Again, the GitHub is here: https://www.github.com/BorkedCoder/Woods

I'm of course, looking for people with knowledge of the Lua scripting-language, as that's what the game is built and runs on. I expect at least intermediate knowledge of Lua. That includes: functions, tables/arrays(Metatables aren't required), conditional-statements and loops, modules, and how to get input from the player. Not all are required, but I at least expect functions, conditional-statements and loops, and how to get input to be known about. If you are going to be programming, make sure that you've properly set-up Lua(Especially on Windows), so that you're able to test your changes that you make. For tutorials and information on Lua, please visit: https://www.lua.org, so that you can get yourself set-up for development.

Contributions to the wiki and instructions-manual(INSTRUCTIONS.txt - This is a manual for players), are both welcomed and needed. I expect well-written English to be used in the wiki. Please do not contribute to the wiki if your English isn't great. Checking for any spelling-errors in the game itself, is also welcomed.

There is no way to donate anything at the moment, but I'm looking into a solution(*wow such coin*) ;)

I thank you all for showing interest in the project. Remember that you're free to join in and leave at anytime.

This part of the post will list every new release. As of now, there currently is no set release-schedule, so releases are released simply whenever they're ready.

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Mar 30, 2020
Hey everyone.

I've just released the first alpha version of Woods. Note that this release is only for testing certain features including: gathering items; inventory; death; eating, drinking, and sleeping; and the changing of seasons and the day-counter.

Woods is still far-away from being complete, but I'm sure that provided more people come on to help, that we'll get to a complete state where everything works, and the game is enjoyable.

You can download the release here: https://github.com/BorkedCoder/Woods/releases/tag/V0.1.0(Alpha)

Note: Make sure to download "Woods.zip" if you're looking to run the game for testing. Also note that the game can only be run on GNU/Linux systems, but I'd also like it if somebody could test it on either Windows 10 or OS X, and then report back about the set-up process, how things went, etc.