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XenForo License Activation?

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Hello there,

I had meant to ask about this when I first seen it, but I ended up forgetting about it - sorry. Anyway, an option for "XenForo license activation" appears on the sidebar in the account settings pages and it's been there for a while - I think it goes far as back as when the CF Shop was launched(or close to it launching anyway). On the page, it says that you can insert a code of some sorts to enable access to certain products/features within the XenForo software.

I assume this shouldn't be here and only for administration to use, correct? Where about on this site would a XenForo activation code come in handy?

Hey @HadASpook,

Great eye! 😀

So this isn't a bug, nor is it meant to be hidden. The XenForo License activation feature was released quietly (I will announce when my project is ready to go). But since you found it, I might as well share what it's going to be used for, so being that our community runs on the XenForo forum software and that some members own XenForo communities themselves and develop add-ons, we have created a special section within resources called "XenForo Add-ons." where developers can release their add-ons, but to download them you require a XenForo License.

If you don't have a XenForo License, it's safe just to ignore it.
Hello, @Malcolm.

Thank you for the explanation. It's certainly cleared this up and at the same time, it makes sense: why download XenForo add-ons when you don't own a license?

You may close this thread now. Thanks again.
You're welcome! Happy to help will lock the thread and moved to solved 🙂
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