xv6 - A recreation of the sixth version of UNIX


King Coder
Hello there,

I introduce to you all: Xv6, a recreation of the sixth version of the original UNIX operating-system, written purely in C(just like UNIX). The operating-system was created purely for educational purposes at MIT and is much simpler for analysis than a Linux or BSD kernel.

The source-code for the system is available on GitHub, both for x86(which has been discontinued since 2018) and RISC-V(which is the current version being supported). As it's for educational purposes you are free to analyse the source code to learn how UNIX worked(based on the sixth edition).

Most programs/scripts you'd find in UNIX at the time(grep, cat, ls, etc.) can be found in the system, and functionality should almost be identical to the way UNIX behaved at the time(and the way most UNIX systems behave now) should you give it a try on a system that is able to support Xv6.

Have fun analysing the system!(You're encourage to share anything interesting you learn)

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