Your feedback is needed!

Hello Coders!

I'm looking for feedback on our web apps. Our web apps are tools that are made to help you and others develop their project. As of right now, we currently have two web apps. They are CodeForum Compiler and CodeForum PlayGround, and hopefully, more coming soon with your help. Do you have any suggestions and or feedback that we could use to help improve or add to our current web apps list?

Feel free to comment on this thread!
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King Coder
One suggestion is to make the compilers theme darker. If you had access to being able to have it match codeforums theme it would be nice. It looks okay and I guess the fact that it does what it's supposed to enables you to forget how it looks but if it matched your theme and looked more like codepen it would be nice :D

Just some thoughts, it's still already quite amazing