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Java Your Opinion On Java?


Active Coder
Hey there.

So, I think it's pretty apparent by now that the tech world's opinion on Java is highly divided. Some people like Java, some people don't, and some people are in the middle.

Java, as both a language and software-platform, has come under many harsh reviews by both users and developers over the decades, due to multiple issues with Java as a whole. Wikipedia has an entire article detailing all of the criticism surrounding Java as a whole: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_Java

I'd like to know what CF's opinion is on Java. And when I say "Java", I'm not just referring to the Java programming-language and the JDK(Java-Development-Kit), but also the Java platform and the JRE(Java-Runtime-Environment) - Which is used to run Java applications.

I know I myself may come as biased here, but I myself quite like Java. But, I do also acknowledge the flaws with it and don't try to act as if the language doesn't have any flaws in of itself. I like Java due to it's portable nature and it's speed. The ability to write applications that can run fast but also be ported to all kinds of systems, appeals to me. Java is installed on billions of systems worldwide, so porting it doesn't pose a market-share issue. Java's syntax, I don't really have much of an opinion on. I am annoyed that the syntax is more complicated than that of C or Lua, but I'm fine with working in it anyway. As for things that I don't like about Java, well...I don't really have many issues with it as a whole. Sometimes I find Java to be prone to errors, although I believe that is due to the API/library that I'm working with, or my IDE(I use Eclipse). I know it's not the language and my installation that's the one responsible for any issues that I get. Of course, it's not just the APIs or my IDE, sometimes I've screwed-up a keyword due to how fast I type, I've missed a semi-colon, or I wrote something the wrong way. But hey, those are pretty common for all programmers in all programming-languages. Regarding Java's security, I haven't run any Applets(Which are now long gone), so I haven't been available to security-issues. Although, since I do have a Java installation(An installation for both the JRE and the JDK), that doesn't mean I'm entirely secure. Of course though, I do always make sure my installations are up-to-date, and that I follow proper measures to keep myself safe online. So, I'm not really vulnerable at all. The reason Java gets criticism for it's security, is not just the people who develop the language(Who accidentally let security-issues pass, without noticing them until they patch them later), but also the users themselves. People seem to have a habit of delaying updates, with no reason at all, and as a result, they pose a risk to themselves and their computer. Such stupidity on the end-user's part, then leads them to criticize Java and the developers of the language, rather than blame themselves for not taking the measures to keep themselves safe, and for not updating their installation when a new release is available. Other than that, I have no other issues with Java, aside from the rapid-release-cycle that they adopted a few years ago, beginning with Java 9. I hate rapid-release-cycles, as not only do new versions get released faster, issues also have a higher chance of going unnoticed. Plus, it's also just a big pain to try to keep up-to-date all the time with new releases.

Anyway, CF, I want to hear your thoughts and opinions on Java as a whole(Again, both the JDK and the JRE). Feel free to use the poll in this thread to express your opinions and reply with a detailed explanation as to why you have your opinions on Java.