I try for computer uncertainty. I use uncertainty. By uncertainty I mean whatever precedes this, overall statement is correct. I define "X E" and "XE" ending things to mean "All as per one might be input maybe or might not be input maybe or might be output maybe or might not be output maybe, maybe or maybe not, maybe.". That . can be omitted in a sentence. I just prefer it is defined somewhere and used by me, no need to inform what it means maybe. I prefer alternative operating systems.

This is where I got like my profile picture:

This is where I got like my profile banner:

This is how I converted those to GIFs.

X E.
November 24
College student. X E.
Web, Android, Javascript, Java, Kotlin, Ruby, basic HTML, Python, Swift, C(languages), XML, basic PHP, and dimensional math. X E.
Desired Skills
PHP, AJAX, webhooks, CSS, general PHP and client side interaction. X E.


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