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    Recently graduated from BloomTech for Full Stack Web Development. Check out some of my work...

    Recently graduated from BloomTech for Full Stack Web Development. Check out some of my work: Natures Blessing Photography: Nature's Blessings Photography RedNeck Feeds LLC: RedNeck Feeds LLC My personal portfolio site: Michael Wilcox Profile
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    Responsive Web Design: Best Practices for Ensuring Compatibility Across Devices

    I'm my experience, using @media break points with specific screen sizes and utilising css flex has been a great way to accomplish what you are looking for. Best thing to do, in my opinion, see what the size of the screen is on the largest phone, use that as a break point for your small screen...
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    Node.JS npm not working any more

    Does your project have the package.json in the folder? Or do you just have a package.json saved to your computer?
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    Invalid syntax on html?

    Depending on the OS you are using (Mac , Linux or Windows) I prefer VS Code (Visual Studio Code) as it pairs up with Github and has more extensions available to it. Also, like @Antero360 stated, the H in HTML should be lowercase when declaring it in your !DOCTYPE statement. That could be the...
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    NavBar dropdown issue

    I am wondering if, since this is just a product landing page, it would be better to just do standard HTML and CSS for this project? React seems to be a little overkill for it in my opinion. That and I'm having a hard time understanding how to apply CSS to React components properly.
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    NavBar dropdown issue

    Hey guys, I'm just starting a website for my dad's feed store. I'm working on creating the NavBar component first and having issues with getting it to be a responsive dropdown menu. Below are the pictures of before and after you click on "products" of what it is doing. I'm almost positive that...
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    What is everyone working on?

    Back in August I enrolled in Bloom Institute of Technology, it has been a very interesting adventure. I'm about halfway through the course now and pushing hard to get through it the rest of the way. I've had a few set backs (a new job that requires more of my time and the birth of my first...
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    HTML & CSS Employment

    React and node.js would a huge benefit to learn! What courses have you taken so far, if any? If none, I highly recommend checking out or even (which is a non-accredited school that I'm currently in with a 110% refund guarantee if they can't find you a job paying at least...
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    I definitely agree to that statement. I also feel bootstrap is easier to use. I have yet to be able to get a cdn that works properly for tailwindcss and therefore still haven't used it. For some reason or another, the @import file doesn't do what it's supposed to on my computer lol
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    JavaScript Return an array of names

    For the record, I did spot the differences @cbreemer and realised that it was more helpful than I originally thought. I was able to use it later on in the code where I ran into an issue that I needed to loop through the array. So, still useful information lol
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    Hello everyone

    You've definitely come to the right place! I believe the site admin/owner actually has a few tutorials here on the site for free for you to browse through as far as C C# and C++ go. Any other programming languages, we have tons of experienced and knowledgeable people here who can help set you on...
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    JavaScript Return an array of names

    I ended up figuring it out with a map method. function listOfNames(array) { let newArray ={name}) => name) ; return newArray; } console.log(listOfNames(artists));
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    JavaScript Return an array of names

    So, that returns just the first name in the array... Amedeo Modigliani It's a pre-generated list TBH. There is a total of 20 artists, Paul Klee and Georges Braque are not on it, but Picasso is
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    JavaScript Return an array of names

    So I have an object array of classic artists, I need to create a function that creates a new array with just the artist names. I have tried using .map() and loops with no success. Here is where I left off before giving up :sleep: const artists = [ { "id": 0, "name": "Amedeo...
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    Website overview

    I really like the layout you have! Easy to navigate, everything is clearly visible. If I could change anything about it, it would be the animation on your main header text. Every time the image changes, the text spins in and that's a little obnoxious in my opinion, but please don't change it...
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