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    What is everyone working on?

    I might try converting to MailCow, I keep hearing about it I might give it a shot. Would you suggests MailCow?
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    How did you find CodeForum.ORG?

    Woohoo great to hear, Sago! :)
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    I'm Julia

    Hi Julia! Welcome to Code Forum!Definitely look forward to seeing you around! :) What made you want to start programming?
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    How did you find CodeForum.ORG?

    I mean, How are you liking it here?
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    How did you find CodeForum.ORG?

    Woohoo! And what are your thoughts, anything we could improve? How are you liking Code Forum?
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    HTML & CSS How to call a different popup within the same popup

    Woohoo! Great job @Hemmel, I had your website open and everything. Was going to start deep diving to find this answer for you. Glad you were able to find it :)
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    Oh my! Nice work! It's amazing! I need to find some time to sit down and starting making projects like this!
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    Code Forum

    The funny thing is I may need an animation soon! So I'll keep you in mind for sure :)
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    Hello James! Welcome Back! Great to see you again :) I've recently moved from C++ to C# to go after another project that I'm currently working on! Have you created anything since your last visit?
  10. Python Full Course - Learn Python in 5 hours [2021]

    Python Full Course - Learn Python in 5 hours [2021]

    #Python #2021Welcome to my Python Full Course! 🔥This FULL Course will take your Python skills to a very high level, and you will feel very comfortable writi...
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    Code Forum

    I like this!! Very nice work!
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    HTML & CSS Image Background with HTML

    Make sure you mark @Antero360 post as the solution! :)
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    C# c# permutation, 4 elements

    Hi @cferenc, Could you tell us what you are trying to achieve and what is the problem?
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    Hi everyone

    Hello @siiman! Welcome to Code Forum! Happy to have you here at Code Forum! Hope to see you around!
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    Read Me Code of Conduct

    The Code of Conduct has been updated: