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    Welcome to Code Forum :) Looks like you have found where to post already, but yeah the HTML & CSS forum would be suited for all your HTML & CSS questions.
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    HTML & CSS How to Treat Wide Screen like a Narrower Screen

    Hey Bobcat, So when I code with media queries, I normally code the mobile view as normal (without media query)l but then when the screen-size grows I'll then add something like min-width: 900px and then modify the css to fit the new screen-size.
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello David, welcome to Code Forum! :) We're happy to have you join us. If I may, can I ask what got you into coding?
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    How comes GCC with "-mtune=nocona" produces the fastest code? (for Zen3 CPU)

    Hey @HadASpook @Narvuk @Johna @simong1993 Thoughts on this one?
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    Python Newbie here needs help with setting up vscode.

    Hey there, Can you tell us what exactly is different? I posted something a few moments ago but got a little confused.
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    JavaScript TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'num')

    Hi there, Can you post your code? This would help us find the answer quicker.
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    Hi there, Can you tell us more about what you're trying to do and why? This will help us better understand what you're trying to do and provide more accurate answers to your questions.
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    JavaScript Need help with onclick

    Hi there, So I got it (code is down below), what I did was declared variables to store the values of the element specified. Then added two event listeners, one for when mouse is over the text and another for when the mouse is off. Within those functions, I adjusted the font size with this...
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    Hello All

    Welcome to Code Forum! :)
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    CSS Growing line underneath on selected items menu wp

    Hi there! Can you share your HTML code as well?
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    HTML & CSS Make Date Field look like Text field

    Hmm, try this: input[type="text"], input[type="date"] { padding: 1rem; outline: none; border: solid 1px #000; } In your css code, I noticed you specified button but should be "input" as the css format selector{} refers to an HTML tag in CSS. In your HTML you have two inputs.
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    HTML & CSS Make Date Field look like Text field

    Hey there, On my phone so might not be able to provide the best answer. But in your CSS you can specify the selector as your ID value in your HTML. For example: #dob { padding: 10px; }
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    C++ I need a code for hangman using insertion sort and linear search

    Hi there, Have you started coding or are you asking for someone to code something for you?
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    HTML & CSS Change default sorting

    Hi there, Can you share us your code? And where are you hosting your shop?