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    Company is developing an opensource alternative to WHMCS

    Copied from reddit but its worth it. Please read full story here :)
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    Ask Me Anything And You Win Nothing!

    Install CPU-Z and post screenshot here.
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    Steam has Valve Complete Pack $6.99 20+ games in $6.99 Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Team Fortress 2 Dota 2 Day of Defeat: Source Team Fortress Classic Day of Defeat Deathmatch Classic Half-Life: Opposing Force Ricochet Half-Life...
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    Green Hosting - Scam or not?

    Nowadays its just a way of selling and attracting people.
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    Yes, the internet is a little broken right now!

    "With great power there must also come -- great responsibility!"
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    Yes, the internet is a little broken right now!

    Few years ago, there was a myth of 7 secret keys which can reset the whole internet and I was in a same shoe as you are right now. Juicy readings:
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    Yes, the internet is a little broken right now!

    And its just the beginning of end o_O
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    Yes, the internet is a little broken right now!

    Yes, the internet is broken at the moment for a lot of people. The largest one impacted at the moment is CloudFlare: However, this is impacting a lot of providers and routing all over the internet is wack at the moment, so everyone take a deep breath, and...
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    Suggestion Implemented Similar Threads XenForo Plugin

    Actually its good.
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    CSS JavaScript The Front-End Tooling Survey 2018 - Results

    Wondering what tools FED community used in 2018? Please read here If you want to participate in 2019 survey then please visit Note: Just sharing above results and...
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    Want to learn Laravel!

    Then let's start it. Ask anything and I will help you with Laravel until you become comfortable with it.
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    Forum Email Spam

    No, only aws ses, sendgrid and elasticmail.
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    Forum Email Spam

    I am not sure about monetization of this forum right now and I realize amazon ses will be not cost effect at the moment. Please check SendGrid they provide 100 emails per day without any cost forever.
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    Forum Email Spam

    What services are you using now? I suggest amazon ses.
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    Hi :)

    Hi :)